Maxi 4 Bike Park

The TUSK Maxi 4 Bike Park is a single row floor mounted modular bicycle storage solution for four bikes which bolts between the floor and a convenient wall. Additional modules can be attached using the Combi Bar to expand the storage capacity indefinitely. This easy to use cycle storage rack is ideally suited to community or commercial enviroments.

TUSK Maxi 4 Bike Park - Single Row

Maxi 4 Bike Park - Single Row


  • Single row (wall plus floor fixing) bike park


  • Kits available for a single row for 3 bikes (Maxi 3) and a single row for 4 bikes (Maxi 4)


  • Modules can be joined together via a Combi Bar for unlimited capacity


  • Bikes can be locked to the wheel supports


  • High density bike parking, Park alternate front end in, then read end in etc


  • Fits all wheels up to 50mm wide


  • Drill through floor attachments and all fixings provided


  • Heavy duty welded steel construction


TUSK Maxi 3 Bike Park - Single Row

The Maxi Bike Park is a modular user friendly bike park which is ideal for residential, communities or employee use. Available in sections for either 3 or 4 bikes

TUSK Maxi 4 Bike Park - Single Row

Heavy duty welded steel construction finished in black Plascoat offering a 70 year life expectancy

TUSK Maxi Combi Bike Park - Single Row

Easy to expand the capacity simple by adding additional modules and connecting them using the Combi Bar. No additional nuts and bolts are needed.

Please see below specification sheets for more information regading installation etc...