Joist Hanger

The TUSK Joist Hanger enables you to hang up to two of our wall mounted Bull Racks, back to back from a convenient ceiling joist in a garage or similar. This ceiling mounted cycle storage solution offers out of the way bicycle storage hooks. All the fixings required are also included.

TUSK Joist Hanger

Joist Hanger


  • The Joist Hanger gives the option of mounting the Bull Rack storage solution from a ceiling joist instead of mounting it on the wall


  • Up to two Bull Racks can be mounted on the Joist Hanger to maximise bike storage


  • Heavy duty welded steel construction finished in black Plascoat which has a 70 year life expectancy


  • No intrusion into the room as the solution is ceiling mounted


  • Perfect for use in a garage where ceiling joist are exposed



ONLY £20.60 + VAT

TUSK Joist Hanger

The Joist Hanger has a solid welded steel construction with a PLASCOAT PPA571 finish for outstanding durability. 

TUSK Bull Rack

Up to two user friendly TUSK Bull Racks can be mounted back to back on the Joist hanger by bolting them to te pre-drilled holes in hte main tube

TUSK Joist Hanger

Secure the Joist Hanger to a convenient overhead ceiling joist to provide out of the way cycle storage for up to two bikes

Please see below specification sheets for more information regading installation etc...