Hook n Hang Bike Rack

The TUSK Hook n Hang Bike Rack from Shelford Design Ltd is an easy to use cycle storage hook offering a vertical wall mounted bicycle storage solution for use with any bike. As the manufacturer of this cycle storage solution, its design has been specifically based on customer feedback and preferred features. All the contact points are sheathed in plastic to prevent damage to your bike and the solid welded steel construction offers a secure locking point for security chains or cycle locks.Installed and used in the 2012 Olympic Athletes Village, this small and simple solution remains one of our best sellers to date.

TUSK Hook n Hang Bike Rack

Hook n Hang Bike Rack


  • Racks any bike vertically held by the front wheel


  • Accepts all wheels (20-65mm wide)


  • Plastic sheathed racking hooks


  • No accidental dislodging of a racked bike


  • Security provision for locking to on each fitting for bike security


  • One piece welded steel construction


  • Corrosion proof PLASCOAT Gloss Black PPA571 lifetime - 70 year finish


  • When not in use, maximum intrusion into walkway area is just 13cm
TUSK Hook n Hang Bike Rack

The bike rack has a simple and strong welded steel construction with contact points sheathed in plastic to prevent scratching.

Accepts all wheel sizes from 20mm to 65mm wide

TUSK Hook n Hang Bike Rack

Minimal intrusion (only 13cm) when bikes are not being stored on this wall racking system. Stores any style of bike with no risk of accidentally dislodging it

TUSK Hook n Hang Lower Guide

Hook n Hang Lower Guide can also be fitted for additional stability and security. Bikes can be locked to both for additional peace of mind.

Please see below specification sheets for more information regading installation etc...