This is a brief overview of the TUSK brand from Shelford Design Ltd and our range of bike storage hooks, cycle racks, bike parks and bicycle security anchors. Should you have any questions regarding our products, please contact us and we will do our best to help

About Us

TUSK & Shelford Design Ltd


TUSK is the registered trademark for Shelford Design Ltd, a family run business established in 1984 to design and produce affordable, high quality cycle storage racks and security anchors. 


We are now a leading supplier to residential and business customers throughout the UK and our products are recommended by numberous architects for use in their projects country wide.

Founder of Tusk - John Morley

Founded by John Morley, he brought a wealth of experience to the company.

With over 40 years in design aeronautical design engineering experience already behind him (10 of these working on contract overseas at IAI) commenced operation solely as an Engineering Design / Draughting services to other companies.

A life time competitive cyclist and life VP of Cambridge Cycling Club, John was the driving force behind the design and manufacture of the cost effective, innovative TUSK products.

Managing Director - Simon Quick

In 2018, John retired and his son, Simon Quick, took over the company.


With over 24 years in the Customer Services sector and many years in senior management roles, he has adopted the same approach, skills and attention to detail that has served the company and its customers so well.


With a working background in design and fabrication, Simon takes a very hands on approach to ensure the TUSK reputation continues to go from strength to strength and our products meet the needs of our customers

Why choose our products

Because we research, develop, and manufacture here in the UK all our own brand TUSK products and deal direct with you the customer, you always receive cost effective products within your required timescale. All TUSK products are stock items.


We can supply just a single Security Anchor for home cycle security to a complete Bike Park Racking installation for a busy commuter Railway

station or Bus Station.


Shelford Design Ltd are the designers, developers and manufacturers of the TUSK brand of Cycle storage and racking, are now a leading supplier to

residential and business customers throughout the UK.


We also supply overseas customers. We sell direct, to you the customer, whether you are an individual requiring just one item or representing a

construction company for a housing estate needing large quantities at short notice.


All TUSK products have been extensively researched and impartially reviewed and tested by all the leading cycling magazines so all customers know

the quality and effectiveness of what they are purchasing.


We listen to our customers; freely offer professional advice where necessary, helping to match the right product for the right need.


We operate a zero defect policy on all products, and as such, we have had no returns through bad workmanship or sub-standard products since we

introduced the TUSK range in 1998. All products are guaranteed.


We're proud of a long track record of innovation, producing the right products at cost effective prices.


We are a trusted and highly regarded manufacture and supplier.


We have an ever growing well established customer base built on customer satisfaction and recommendations.


TUSK Maxi Bike Park

Shelford Design Ltd

"A deserved reputation for value"

 - Cycling Weekly, Jan 1999


"Masters of budget cycle storage"

 - Cycling Weekly, Aug 2001


"Rated 10/10 as Perfect"

 - Cycling Plus, Apr 2008


"Simple, Tough, Reliable"

 - Cycling Weekly, Jan 1999


"Solidly constructed, strong, inexpensive"

 - Procycling, Sep 2000


"High density space saving cost effective cycle parking where both price and space are a premium"

 - Cycling Weekly, 2006


"Durable, built to last, the real deal.."

 - Cycling Weekly, 2006


"..widely specified by achitects and installed throughout the UK in the Home, Work and Play"

 - Cycling Weekly, 2006

"MAXI-COMBI are now the dream recommendation from Architects fo residential, community and employees cycle parcking requrements"

 - Cycling Weekly


"Hardened steel, stands up to plenty of abuse.

Value 5/5, Performance 5/5"

 - Cycling Weekly, Jul 2001

"TUSK Excel Parking Security Anchor as installed by Cambridge police around Cambridge as part of their cycle theft reduction programme. Allows councils and employers to use as offical bike lock anchors"

 - Cycling Weekly, Sep 2003

"Safeguarding your bike is vital - TRUST TUSK"

 - Cycling Weekly, Sep 2003


"A handy storage device"

 - 220 Triathalon, Aug 2003

TUSK Hook n Hang system

"Convenient design, uniquely handy"

 - Cycling Plus, Oct 2000


"Space saving and security provision"

 - Cycle Industry, Dec 2000


"Cleverly designed, simple to fit"

 - Cycling Plus, Apr 2000


"Performance 5/5"

 - Cycling Weekly, Nov 2000


"A great security product"

 - Cycling Plus, Sep 2001

Multi Hanger 6

"TUSK products provide peace of mind"

 - Cycling Weekly, Sep 2003


"TUSK have got the solution a combination of 2, 4 or 6 overhead hangers"

 - Procycling, Sep 2003

"The most secure practical solution to storing bikes that we have ever seen"

 - Cycling Plus, May 2003


"Robust, strong enough for any task"

 - 220 Triathelete, Dec 2003


"Easily assembled, built to last"

 - 220 Triathelete, May 1999